Once upon not yet

This post will, sadly, not be about the wonderful lyrical stylings of The Elder. Swords and flames and man-children will have to wait for another time (not yet). Instead, this musing will focus on the evolution of published works about KISS and how this relates to certain aspects of the availability of information and the … Fortsätt läsa Once upon not yet

KISS vs. the critics

A version of this text originally appeared in issue no. 48 of Destroyer, the magazine of KISS Army Sweden. Audiences got them, but critics rarely did. Rolling Stone named them Hype Of The Year in 1975 [sic.], and legions of reviewers complained that they were "derivative", "prosaic", "simplistic" and mostly a joke, a band that … Fortsätt läsa KISS vs. the critics

The early costumes – pt. 2

Somewhat belatedly it's time to once again look at the idea that the early costumes - in this case defined as pre-April 21, 1974 - were somehow crude and more "amateurish" than what followed. My take is that, although they were in most cases less elaborate and ornate than what followed, they were far from … Fortsätt läsa The early costumes – pt. 2

The Hotter Than Hell conundrum

I know what you're thinking. "The Hotter Than Hell conundrum"; has to be about the strange production of the album. Unfortunately that's not the topic of the day, interesting though it may be. We will be talking a little about the recording of that album but only tangentially, this blog post is really about how, … Fortsätt läsa The Hotter Than Hell conundrum

The hard-to-decipher credits

Songwriting credits is a complex chapter. If we steer clear of the strictly legal issues - where a fairly non-sensical 50/50 split between publisher and songwriter still exists as a kind of given and, despite its relevance and near-ubiquity, the traditional "split sheet" is rarely enough in most situations - what we as consumers see … Fortsätt läsa The hard-to-decipher credits