The birth of nostalgia

Nostalgia in a pop-cultural context probably first appeared in the shape of Sha Na Na who, through a series of random events, ended up playing their covers of 50s hit songs at Woodstock and essentially sparked the 50s nostalgia that ran rampant in the US in the 70s. Don't worry though, we won't be going … Fortsätt läsa The birth of nostalgia

Once upon not yet

This post will, sadly, not be about the wonderful lyrical stylings of The Elder. Swords and flames and man-children will have to wait for another time (not yet). Instead, this musing will focus on the evolution of published works about KISS and how this relates to certain aspects of the availability of information and the … Fortsätt läsa Once upon not yet

The Alive! cover and Gibson guitars

When you've spent the better part of your adult life looking at the guitars of KISS in every detail some parts of the "story" are soon put to the side as relatively unimportant. It's not that these things aren't interesting, it's just that there are other things that are (at least temporarily) more interesting. Case … Fortsätt läsa The Alive! cover and Gibson guitars

The hard-to-decipher credits

Songwriting credits is a complex chapter. If we steer clear of the strictly legal issues - where a fairly non-sensical 50/50 split between publisher and songwriter still exists as a kind of given and, despite its relevance and near-ubiquity, the traditional "split sheet" is rarely enough in most situations - what we as consumers see … Fortsätt läsa The hard-to-decipher credits

The Mendoza Grabber

Unfortunately we need to go through this to highlight how little KISS - and Gene in particular - sometimes care about their own legacy and, equally importantly, how little they reliably remember these days. In 2007 Heritage Auctions had a 1974 or (more likely) 1975 Gibson Grabber that was used by Mark Mendoza in the … Fortsätt läsa The Mendoza Grabber