The birth of nostalgia

Nostalgia in a pop-cultural context probably first appeared in the shape of Sha Na Na who, through a series of random events, ended up playing their covers of 50s hit songs at Woodstock and essentially sparked the 50s nostalgia that ran rampant in the US in the 70s. Don't worry though, we won't be going … Fortsätt läsa The birth of nostalgia

Once upon not yet

This post will, sadly, not be about the wonderful lyrical stylings of The Elder. Swords and flames and man-children will have to wait for another time (not yet). Instead, this musing will focus on the evolution of published works about KISS and how this relates to certain aspects of the availability of information and the … Fortsätt läsa Once upon not yet

The Vinnie Vincent influence

When thinking about Vinnie's time in KISS, most people tend to reduce it to a simple binary choice: did Vinnie save KISS or not? Personally I think that, not only is it an uninteresting query, it isn't even the right question to ask. (Save KISS? From what? Irrelevance and oblivion? Sorry, the indomitable will of … Fortsätt läsa The Vinnie Vincent influence

Eric Carr and Hotter Than Hell

For twelve years KISS didn't play a single song from Hotter Than Hell. Not one. These twelve years coincided perfectly with Eric Carr's tenure in the band which, obviously, raises a few questions, all of which ultimately boils down to: why? Needless to say I have a few ideas. Unlike most of my writing this … Fortsätt läsa Eric Carr and Hotter Than Hell

Ye Olde 10th Anniversary Tour: ”where is everybody?”

Time to look at another aspect of the 10th Annniversary Tour. Today we look at those pesky attendance numbers, the many canceled shows, look at some of the contemporary reporting that at times complements the information in KISS Alive Forever, and make a brief comparison with one of KISS's heirs apparent who were touring at the … Fortsätt läsa Ye Olde 10th Anniversary Tour: ”where is everybody?”

Ye Olde 10th Anniversary Tour: the fifth member of KISS

The 10th Annniversary Tour that was supposed to be a triumphant celebration, a return of the true glory days of KISS, turned out to be more whimper than bang and it has become a legend partly because of it. In many respect it is one of the most interesting and important parts of the band's … Fortsätt läsa Ye Olde 10th Anniversary Tour: the fifth member of KISS

KISS and MTV: The early 80’s music videos…

With the advent of MTV in 1981 the promotion of music was more or less revolutionised and from 1984-91 we can confidently say that music videos entered, and then saturated, the mainstream. True, the promo clip had been a part of the music business for almost twenty years before MTV and KISS, being a visual … Fortsätt läsa KISS and MTV: The early 80’s music videos…