Eric Carr and Hotter Than Hell

For twelve years KISS didn't play a single song from Hotter Than Hell. Not one. These twelve years coincided perfectly with Eric Carr's tenure in the band which, obviously, raises a few questions, all of which ultimately boils down to: why? Needless to say I have a few ideas. Unlike most of my writing this … Fortsätt läsa Eric Carr and Hotter Than Hell

Ye Olde 10th Anniversary Tour: ”where is everybody?”

Time to look at another aspect of the 10th Annniversary Tour. Today we look at those pesky attendance numbers, the many canceled shows, look at some of the contemporary reporting that at times complements the information in KISS Alive Forever, and make a brief comparison with one of KISS's heirs apparent who were touring at the … Fortsätt läsa Ye Olde 10th Anniversary Tour: ”where is everybody?”

A not so Crazy Night in Gothenburg

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the first time I got to see KISS live. Taking a cue from Alex Bergdahl's pod cast from yesterday - a pod cast every KISS fan who understands Swedish should listen to - I'm going to go through what I actually remember of that day, not what I know … Fortsätt läsa A not so Crazy Night in Gothenburg

The God of Thunder Conundrum

Most KISS fans are aware of the fact that neither Alive! nor Alive II are live as the majority of people would define the term. There were overdubs, probably cut-and-paste from different dates, songs recorded at soundchecks, added crowd noise - the list goes on. In the case of Alive II the band have long … Fortsätt läsa The God of Thunder Conundrum