GET UP! and get your remix OUTTA here!

Anyone who has read any of my works here, seen my Instagram, or perhaps come across one of my websites, know that I tend to get into the details. As in, really into the details. It's easy to assume that this has always been the case, that I started my KISS fandom as a super-nerd … Fortsätt läsa GET UP! and get your remix OUTTA here!

The Vinnie Vincent influence

When thinking about Vinnie's time in KISS, most people tend to reduce it to a simple binary choice: did Vinnie save KISS or not? Personally I think that, not only is it an uninteresting query, it isn't even the right question to ask. (Save KISS? From what? Irrelevance and oblivion? Sorry, the indomitable will of … Fortsätt läsa The Vinnie Vincent influence

The God of Thunder Conundrum

Most KISS fans are aware of the fact that neither Alive! nor Alive II are live as the majority of people would define the term. There were overdubs, probably cut-and-paste from different dates, songs recorded at soundchecks, added crowd noise - the list goes on. In the case of Alive II the band have long … Fortsätt läsa The God of Thunder Conundrum

The hard-to-decipher credits

Songwriting credits is a complex chapter. If we steer clear of the strictly legal issues - where a fairly non-sensical 50/50 split between publisher and songwriter still exists as a kind of given and, despite its relevance and near-ubiquity, the traditional "split sheet" is rarely enough in most situations - what we as consumers see … Fortsätt läsa The hard-to-decipher credits